Polémique suite à l’exposition Guggenheim de New York

Les défenseurs des animaux sont montés au créneau.

Un peu plus d’une soixantaine d’artistes originaires de Chine ont pu exposer leurs créations au musée Solomon R. Guggenheim, à New York. L’exposition, nommé Art and China after 1989: Theather of the World, a réussi à faire parler d’elle bien avant l’ouverture au public.

En effet, l’événement est actuellement dans le collimateur des défenseurs de la cause animale, comme le rapporte le New York Times. En cause, une œuvre particulièrement singulière mettant en scène deux chiens tenus en laisse. Nommée Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other, cette mise en scène a été créée par les artistes chinois Sun Yan et Peng Yu. Les canidés sont chacun sur un tapis roulant non motorisés et prêts à s’affronter. Datant de 2003, le musée a choisi de la retransmettre dans une vidéo d’une durée de 7 minutes.

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Warning: graphic content. I told myself I wouldn’t post about this again, not yet anyway. But I finally saw the dog video the @Guggenheim is presenting as “art” in its upcoming exhibition. My heart is shattered. I have posted the link in my story for those of you who want to be witnesses for these dogs, and a few stills in the slides above (if it's not working, link is . These poor 8 souls. And through the darkness, the horror of this video, one thing hurts even deeper: these dogs aren’t even trying to fight. There is just sheer fear and pain. Eight dogs stunned, not understanding what they are supposed to do, as the floor just slips from under their paws, forcing them to run faster and faster toward each other. Passed the first shock, they go eerily quiet. Then a few barks, more like calls for help and again the same question: “why?”. A couple of dog handlers trying to encourage the dogs from the sidelines. A crowd of press and art critics there to witness “great art” being made. I knew this was going to be bad, and I felt horrified that yet again pit bulls were going to be shown in such a negative light. What pains me more is that, yet again, pit bulls showed they do not want to be fighters. They do not want to be monsters. They do as they are told, they do as they are forced to, and all the while asking us: “Why?”. I am more determined now to get this video shut down as well as all the animal cruelty pieces Guggenheim is trying to feed us as “art”. I am editing myself right now, trust me… There are many things I want to be typing. But seeing these poor souls betrayed, abused while the art world applauds, fueled a stronger fire in my soul. Guggenheim, you are reminding me why we fight. 🙏 please sign the petition (link is in my bio) and keep the pressure on. Repost, post about this and us the #tortureisnotart hashtag… 🙏 #TortureIsNotArt #GuggenheimTortureIsNotArt #guggenheim

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Les partisans de la cause animale ont vivement condamné l’exposition. Ils rappellent que la cruauté envers les animaux ne justifie pas l’art. Une pétition a été créée sur le site et a déjà recueilli près de 250 000 signatures. Elle dénonce:

Aidez-nous à faire passer un message auprès du musée Guggenheim. Faisons-leur savoir que la cruauté animale n’a aucune place dans l’art aux Étas-Unis et n’importe où dans le monde. Les chiens deviennent de plus en plus fatigués. Leurs muscles sont de plus en plus proéminents et leurs gueules salivent de plus en plus.

L’œuvre restera exposée

Le musée ne semble cependant pas vouloir faire marche arrière et a annoncé que l’installation ne serait pas retirée, bien que “ce travail puisse être dérangeant et volontairement provoquant“. Le site officiel du musée a également publié un communiqué:

Les conservateurs de l’exposition espèrent que les spectateurs comprendront pourquoi les artistes l’ont faite et ce qu’ils peuvent dénoncer à propos des conditions sociales de la mondialisation et de la nature complexe du monde que nous partageons.

L’artiste Peng Yu a essayé de défendre sa création. Il a fait savoir que les animaux n’avaient pas été maltraités, car “les pitbulls sont naturellement pugnaces”.

Par ailleurs, d’autres créations indignent aussi les défenseurs des animaux. Seront bientôt exposés des amphibiens, des reptiles ou des insectes piégés dans un enclos ou des cochons tatoués par l’artiste Xu Bing.

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#TortureIsNotArt! The petition has received almost 500K signatures so far (well, 433K), it’s amazing!! We need to keep the pressure on though, because both the @Guggenheim and the mainstream media have been awfully quiet. I know you must already be tired of this, but please keep spreading awareness! This is an important battle for our world culture! The exhibit opens Oct. 6th, and the torture pieces are still planned. If they ignore us, trust we won’t ignore them. So here is a new one for them: contact the Museum by all means necessary this week (their sponsors too?), and ask them (keep it polite and to the point): 👉 Where did these animals come from: the dogs and the pigs in their respective videos, and which NYC pet store will be providing the insects, reptiles and amphibians to be sacrificed in the name of art? 👉 What happened to the dogs and pigs featured in the videos afterwards? 👉 Why were the dogs all scarred in their video? If they really, deeply think these pieces are completely ethical and necessary, they should be able to provide very clear, specific answers to these basic questions. 👉👉👉 Contact: but also since these are questions about the pieces themselves… Call their main line: (212) 423-3500. Ask your questions on social media. Repost this and tag Guggenheim as well as add their location to your post, so that tourists of the world will witness this uproar. Remember to use #TortureIsNotArt so that we can also somewhat measure the wave of contestations on social media. The catalog of the exhibit “Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World” is also being sold in bookstores and various online platforms like Amazon. Not a bad idea to also report it so the Guggenheim can't further profit from their cruelty. I am actually really saddened for the Guggenheim, that they let this go so far. They should have swallowed their ego and removed the cruel pieces immediately. Now they have more 1* reviews on Facebook than the 5* they deserve, as a prestigious cultural institution. Such a sad moment ☹️, but they made their bed. . #tortureisnotart #guggenheim #GuggenheimTortureIsNotArt

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