Inde : Étudiant en chirurgie, il ampute un chien pour s’entraîner

Inde chiot amputé

Un étudiant a amputé les pattes postérieures d’un chien, espérant ainsi devenir vétérinaire.

Amputé des pattes arrière

Chris Holmyard est un Britannique âgé de 50 ans qui adore les animaux. Un jour, en se promenant sur la plage de Miramar, à Goa, en Inde, il trouve un petit chiot. Cependant, celui-ci est très mal en point. En effet, quand il observe le postérieur de la petite bête, c’est un véritable choc. Prince a été amputé des pattes arrière.

Le chiot a servi de cobaye

Chris le prend alors dans ses bras et le conduit de toute urgence chez le vétérinaire. Après avoir lavé l’animal de la boue qui le recouvre, le docteur est formel : le chiot a été amputé de façon chirurgicale. En d’autres termes, Prince a servi de cobaye à un étudiant en médecine qui voulait s’entraîner à faire des amputations.

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I was walking my dog on a beach, when a man approached me and said he had heard a dog crying but he was afraid of dogs. So I asked him to show me where it was too see if I could help.We got on to my scooter with my dog and set off to the area where he had heard the dog. We heard whimpering from behind a bush at the edge of a field, as it was monsoon season the field was submerged in water. Traipsing through the ankle deep water we could eventually make out a little puppy cowering and crying in distress. I decided to try and catch the puppy to take it to an animal welfare centre but as I got close the puppy tried to get away. I managed to throw a raincoat over him and carried the puppy to my scooter. Once I got him to the scooter I took a quick look at him and to my utter disbelief I could see his back paws were missing. Read on in next post. #animalcruelty #abusedpuppy #lefttodie #doubleamputee #raisingmoneyforprince #followprincesstory #hopeforprince

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Des conditions déplorables

Prince est ensuite placé dans un chenil où il attend patiemment d’être adopté. Chris veille sur lui et lui rend souvent visite. Mais le temps passe et l’apparence de Prince commence à changer. Il devient de plus en plus maigre et semble se vider de son énergie.

Un jour son sauveur demande au personnel du centre d’ouvrir la cage pour voir de plus près ce qui se passe. Le spectacle est tout simplement désolant. Prince est infesté de tiques et de parasites.

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Somehow we managed to get the puppy settled enough to drive him to a shelter. Once there I was able to take a closer look at his legs, they were so cleanly cut but open and red raw. I knew it could not have been an accident. If the puppy had been caught in a snare or involved in an accident the wounds would have been mangled. I could not imagine who could have or why he had been operated on, then just left to drown, starve to death or die of sepsis. When I got to the shelter I made him as comfortable as I could in a cage and gave him something to eat and drink. He was very scared and nervous but at least he was safe and warm with food and water. The next day I took the puppy to an animal hospital to get checked by a vet. The wounds had been left open but luckily the vet said they were healing okay. She confirmed it looked as if it had been cut with a purpose and explained it may have been an amputation by someone who was practicing to become a vet! I asked how someone who is supposed to care for animals could hurt and then abandon him?! She responded he was lucky to have been found or he would certainly have died a long painful death. It broke my heart, I had so many questions but no answers, I was angry and frustrated. Read the rest of Princes story in the next post. #hopeforprince #followprincesstory #raisingmoneyforprince #doubleamputee #animalcruelty #abusedpuppy

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Enfin le bonheur

Le Britannique décide alors de retirer Prince du refuge, et de le soigner jusqu’à ce qu’il aille mieux. Avec le temps et entouré d’amour, le chiot se remet de l’horreur vécue.

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After about three weeks of visiting Prince as often as I could I noticed he was getting thinner and not looking so well. I went into his cage and saw he was covered in ticks, he must have had about 500 on him all of different sizes. I tried to get them all off but it was impossible! I told the shelter about his ticks and he was given an injection but at that point I thought NO MORE! The shelter had not been looking after him properly at all, I decided I could not leave him there any longer and took him to another shelter recommended to me. He was checked over again by the vet at the new shelter but to my dismay he said it was best to euthanise him. I asked why, as far as I could see he was a healthy dog, he just needed some proper care and affection? After all humans can live long healthy, happy lives with amputations so why not this puppy. The vet responded that it was because no one would want him and he could spend the rest of his life in a cage in a re-homing centre. Shelters in India are funded by the government, they are paid for each animal they shelter. It's a cruel way to make money as the more dogs they have the more the government pays them. I refused to let them put down a health animal or for him to live out his days in a cage. So I took Prince home and set about phoning people that I thought could help him. Read the rest of Prince's story in the next post. #abusedpuppy #animalcruelty #doubleamputee #raisingmoneyforprince #followprincesstory #hopeforprince

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Après ces événements, Chris est rentré au Royaume-Uni. Il a décidé d’emmener Prince avec lui et de lui offrir une chaise roulante pour lui faciliter la vie.

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Out for a run

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